We source the best talent

Our team of expert talent advocate's are at your disposal. Whether you're hiring for one role or one hundred, we're prepared to find the perfect fit, every time.

You're in the driver's seat

TalentHerder was created to bridge the gap between in-house and external recruiting. Our talent model utilizes an in-house approach, with the volume and tools that allow us to move quicker than most RPO’s.

Welcome To The 21st Century

We handle the burden of sourcing, qualifying, and reaching out to candidates on behalf of your company. Great talent will effortlessly stream into your company's hiring funnel.

Recruiting Like You've Never Seen Before
Welcome To The Future

Sourcing On Autopilot

Scale your sourcing efforts like never before without sacrificing quality or control over the hiring process. Calibrate your preferences and we'll handle the rest.

Full Resume Data

View full resumes without switching back and forth between spreadsheets and candidate profiles. Everything you need to make a decision is at your fingertips.

Email Management

Leveraging our experience gained through thousands of outreach campaigns, you will get more email opens and replies than ever before.

Stay Informed

From Contacted, to Offered, to Awaiting Your Approval, get instant visibility into every step of the recruiting process.

Recruiting Has Changed Forever

More Than Just Sourcing

We are able to provide on-site recruiters, dedicated coordinators, initial phone screens, interview scheduling, hiring team training, ATS management, and much more.

With a strong team of industry Talent Experts, we present ourselves as an extension of your company.

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Evaluating Success


We identify the needs of hiring managers and create well defined, accurate and flexible job descriptions.


We identify the skills and backgrounds that make ideal candidates (the “who, what and why”).


We establish consistent interview rubrics, clearly define interviewer goals, and tie scorecards to cultural values.


When it's time to extend an offer, we take care of everything for you. We send the offer and manage the other candidates once it's accepted.

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Whether you're recruiting for one role or one hundred, we're ready to help you find the perfect talent.

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TalentHerder is the premier talent sourcing resource in the Bay Area.

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